And suddenly… it’s Christmas!

The fact that the last time I posted on here was before summer had even started is really scary! It is insane how fast time flies sometimes, it doesn’t seem two days since I wrote that blog post, yet so much has happened in the mean time! I got my exam results which I was so pleased with thank goodness! I went on holidays and trips, met up with friends who I just hadn’t had time to see over exams, and I have been at college for a whole term already this year!

So after that little debrief, I’ll get back to the point..! So, you may remember me telling you about how I am a ‘serial snacker’. Well, I am very pleased to tell you that I did lose weight and started to feel so good about myself…but thats not the end of the story. Since getting back to school again things have taken a downwards turn and I have put all the weight I lost back on again. My heart literally sunk, even though there wasn’t a massive change I started to notice all the changes: the flabby bits, the newly formed cellulite, and the chub slumping out over my jeans. So I have decided to use this blog from now on to diary my ups and downs (especially in the food department!) so that maybe, for once, I will lose weight and keep it off. Also, some of you may even feel the same way as me and my posts will make you feel not alone in becoming the best version of yourself you can be.

But Christmas is coming up, you may ask… how can you stay healthy over Christmas?! It’s impossible right…  Continue reading



Hey guys! So it’s nearly summer = holiday time! I will be posting so many of my holiday snaps on my instagram and twitter so make sure you follow my instagram @therosebasket and my twitter @rosebasketblog I would love to hear what other people are getting up to this summer! I hope you have lots of lovely things planned to do! Ruby xox

“Eleanor was right. She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.”
― Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor & Park